German lang pack only translates "Logout" and "Welcome Admin

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German lang pack only translates "Logout" and "Welcome Admin

Postby george » Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:38 pm

Hello all,

I recently downloaded the german lang pack from the Orange HRM Website and installed it into a new folder called "de". Browser lang is set to German (de) too. But HRM still is in English. Only the "Welcome Admin" and "Logout" in the upper right is in German (well the "Change password" is in german too but shows up incorrectly as "Passwort ändern", should be "Passwort Ändern" but thats the smallest Problem).

you know how to get the PIM and all in german too? Read something about an xml and the localizit?



Well solved it, found this

But the german "Umlaute" (ä Ä ü Ü ö Ö) aren't still showing up correctly. What to do? Using V2.7. A Post in the Forum says it should be solved in this version...


Ok I now see that it's actually working in the main part, only in the Menu its showing up as ä etc.
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