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OrangeHRM 4.1

Post by bennett » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:05 am

We are excited to announce the new version of OrangeHRM Open Source 4.1 is now available and is ready to be used for production.

The main highlights of this version are
  • Integration with Toggl (Toggl Data Sync with OrangeHRM Time Module)
  • Forcing strong password for user accounts
  • LDAP compatibility
  • Security bug fixes.
  • MySQL / PHP 7.1 compatibility
What is Toggl?


This application is highly recommended for the enterprises who use orangeHRM Open Source application for Human Resource Management software and Toggl for employee time tracking. Using this application employe will be able to directly import their time entries in Toggl to the OrangeHRM time sheets. This application is developed to support the free version of Toggl. (Users with the paid version of Toggl can still use this application, but the application is not supported for the premium features in Toggl paid version. ) This application is compatible with PHP version 7.1 and MySQL 5.7 / MariaDB and OrangeHRM open source 4.1 version.

The latest release can be downloaded from ... stable/4.1.

Thank you

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